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Most comfortable with people shorter than him, Shaun is able to leap over smaller people, medium-sized playground equipment and little barking dogs in a single bound. He is the proud daddy of a loud daughter named Kaelyn, a surfer kid named Joshua, and a bobblehead boy named Micah. He is married to an incredible teammate named Michelle. As a religious education teacher and Campus Pastor, Shaun desires to build community and discussion within the emerging generations. He is deeply passionate about digging for the 'real', and loves being around people who strive for authenticity. Shaun also happens to think that the phrase "bok choy" is possibly the most hilarious combination of words in the history of humanity.

Playing for Vision

“You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.” This morning I chose to play small. I walked in to my school, worried about small things. I was concerned about the mess on my desk. I wrestled with the power cord stuck under the front …

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A New Year Welcome

The first few days back in school are tough.  Take a few minutes to reflect on the highlights of Christmas break.  What are you most grateful for?  What do you want from next year?  Spend some time thinking about these questions as we ease back into the new year.  Then …

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Reflection Fridays: Encounter & Psalm 8

Take a few moments to read and reflect through Psalm 8. As you read, think about God, His creation, and you.  What thoughts come up as you read? 1 Lord, our Lord,     how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory     in the heavens. 2 Through the …

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Recovering Wonder

This moment is profound. It is significant. I’m not doing anything. I am sprawled in a recliner, twenty feet from the ocean. This is the extent of my activity. Submerged in sunshine, I contemplate life and the panorama before me. I can see surging breakers, rolling over an azure ocean. …

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Encounter Thursday: Others

How can your faith impact/inspire/change others? Spend some time discussing. Remember, this Friday we have purchased 400 pizzas at $5 each (minimum). That money gets donated to World Vision, and will make a difference in the communities you are watching in the video (South Sudan).

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Encounter Tuesday: Others

As you read this this morning, think about what God might be saying to you. Good morning! My feet led me up the stairs of the men’s housing unit, and the conditions surprisingly worsened. Beds were laid out on a grid throughout the expansive room. Emaciated bodies lay upon the …

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Encounter Tuesday: Recovering Faith

As we begin our third week of Encounter, I’ve been thinking about these questions: “What is the role of faith in our busy schedule?  What does it look like to follow Jesus in February during a school year?  What is God inviting us to during a week like this?” As I …

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Car Tetris & The Desperate Pursuit of Peace

Christmas.  The time of year when the mall becomes a bastion of kindness, where strangers play an aggressive form of CarTetris while pursuing the best possible expression of love for loved ones.  Where lights and decorations string out in endless pursuit of that perfect Christmas ambience.  Amidst the Christmas pageantry, the endless lists …

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