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Generally nice guy who likes making music, eating food, and hanging with other nice people. Also crazy about a guy named Jesus.

Getting Off the Couch

Life is unfair. Just turn on the TV, read the paper, or look at the stats on the ‘net. Murder, war, suicide, disease, slavery, it’s everywhere. It’s hard to ignore, but if anyone could be the best at ignoring it, it would be us, the North American population. Everyday we …

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The Example of the Magi

Imagine. You’ve just traveled a long journey. Through barren lands, over hills, facing storms of dust, all just to reach one humble destination. You’ve been called crazy, a maniac, after all, who follows stars, claiming that they will lead to the Messiah? Finally, you arrive. You come in and ask …

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Assurance is taking a deep breath. Opening your ears and hearing the quiet babble of a brook. Opening your eyes and letting them follow the trees all the way up to the stars. You can always count on the stars. Even when the moonlight fades, the stars stay behind and …

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The Boy In The Red T-shirt

I’d seen it earlier. You’ve probably seen it too—the image on the front of the Globe and Mail on September 3 2015. The three year old in the red t-shirt, washed ashore on a beach resort. His name was Alan Kurdi. “That’s awful,” I said to myself. Then I went …

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Hey M10, some encouragement for you

Hey guys, I wanted to leave you guys with something, so hopefully you see it here. This won’t will be relevant for all you, so bear with me. I know some of you are having incredible experiences. Watching God move like you never have before. Seeing His love in action. …

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I’m sitting here in the Belizean hotel getting ready for tomorrow morning. Prepping set lists. Praying. Contemplating. Worrying about the last minute details. Will the powerpoints all work out? How will the sound be? It’s not like we haven’t done this before. We’ve practiced. Played at churches. We are about …

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What the Church Has Right

I observed the church for a week. I saw enacted before me a vision of the community of believers as it was intended. People gathered in their weakness. The church does not shy away from mistakes. People believing even when it seems futile, and being rewarded! God is faithful. The …

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Stinky Feet and Holy Ground

I’ve been running around a bit. Connecting cables, moving equipment. Responding as fast as I can to the question, “Can you give me a hand with this?” It’s not really stressful, but certainly busy. Being involved in ministry seems to be like that. I’ve been on my feet all day. …

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There is no greater mystery then that which we live in. Continually, I find myself dumbfounded by the actions of people, the course of events, and the peculiarities of nature. The harder I look, the more I see, and the less I understand. The simple things often made complex, and …

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