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Every Day: The First 9 Words Challenge

Every Day: The 9 Words Challenge By: Leith DaBeef Have you ever been like “I should do stuff that honors God today!” and at the end of the day you were like “Dang! Didn’t do anything profitable to God today!”? Well, I have done that too. Way to much. Like …

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“Good” By: Leith DaBeef Ever come home from school, work, or something else that is annoying and say your day was “Good”? I’m betting you that we all have. Multiple times. I have even been asked “What did you learn at school today?” and replied “Good”. I think that we …

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Timothy and Paul’s Great Statement

Timothy and Paul’s Great Statement By: Leith DaBeef Hey guys! Back writing again! In Bible class today, I came across this great verse in the book of Philippians. If you didn’t know, Philippians is a letter that God inspired Timothy and Paul to write to the Church in Philippi. Philippi …

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Suspension and Colloid Christianity

“UGGHHHHHHHHH! NOT A SCIENCE LECTURE!!!!” Give me just a few moments.  This just might be really important and relevant to the Christian life. A suspension is a mixture in which particles can be easily be separated from the rest of the substance. An example of this would be cheese curds …

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