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Brokenness Brings Opportunity

A while ago, in my home town, a man went on a rampage through the city.  He first  hit a police officer with his vehicle and then stabbed him, and then continued down a busy street and hit four people. Between events like this and all of the hurricanes of …

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Intimate with Brokenness

Intimacy.  Brokenness.  Two words that have the potential to disrupt our daily schedule. What is being intimate with brokenness? It is recognising that you are broken. We all are. When we are hurting, lost in never ending hardship, we need to take a moment and realise that we are broken. We …

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Beautifully Broken

I am broken, but gladly so. The times in my life that have been riddled with trial, filled with brokenness, those are the times when I have felt the closest to God.  The times I have felt the most broken, I have also felt the most whole. There is something …

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