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Change. It’s all around us. In the leaves, and in our lives. The seasons are changing, leaves falling, covering the ground with their beautiful colours. We are changing too. Our moods are changing, the realization that winter is coming, that it’s gonna go back to be minus 30. Changes can …

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Stone Walls

Stone walls will fall, young hearts will break, For so long we’re so strong, we shine until we fade.  So often, I witness people guarding their hearts. Protecting it from the evil of others. Afraid to love and let others in. They’ve been hurt before and don’t want to feel that way again. …

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Beautifully, Perfect Change

Personally, I am a planner. I have my future completely planned out ahead of me. But lately, a roadblock has gotten in the way of all this. Something has happened that is causing me to redirect all of my forthcoming intentions. A few months ago, I was informed that this will …

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We were made for great things…right? Everyone tells us that we can be whatever we want but can we? I would have to say no…unless we become unhinged. We’re held back by our own fears and expectations. We could all be amazing, spectacular, driven people if we just let go of …

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