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Living or not?

I recently heard a sermon with a message that stuck in my head. When you don’t have anything to live for, you will live for anything. Many people nowadays are alone or bored. They don’t have a job, they are not in school, or they lack something else to do. Most of …

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The Boy In The Red T-shirt

I’d seen it earlier. You’ve probably seen it too—the image on the front of the Globe and Mail on September 3 2015. The three year old in the red t-shirt, washed ashore on a beach resort. His name was Alan Kurdi. “That’s awful,” I said to myself. Then I went …

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What the Church Has Right

I observed the church for a week. I saw enacted before me a vision of the community of believers as it was intended. People gathered in their weakness. The church does not shy away from mistakes. People believing even when it seems futile, and being rewarded! God is faithful. The …

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Today, I was sitting in church, and something that the pastor said caught my attention. He was talking about love. This is the verse he read; 1 Corinthians 13 If I speak in the tonguesof men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong …

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Where are we?

In today’s world many ask the same questions over and over. Everyday we ask questions whether it is about religion or not. In the Bible, it talks about how we should do everything for the glory of God. Where is God? God is everywhere all the time since the beginning and till …

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Why Church?

I’m excited to go to church.  I’ve woken early, driven 45 minutes down the highway, and arrived at church with time to shake the greeters’ hands, make small talk in the foyer, and find a comfortable seat. How very spiritual of me. I listen to great worship music, engage with …

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