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Jesus In the Attic

Think about a box that you keep in your garage or your basement. What’s inside? A set of family photo albums? Stuffed animals you want to hold onto? Nicknacks you didn’t have the heart to get right of but didn’t know what else to do with? Did you stuff it with various items you “might …

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Salty Lives and Bright Lights

Matthew 5:13-17 talks about a how important it is to make sure that we are living Salty Lives and Bright Lights but what does that mean? Lets start with Salty lives. “You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its flavor, how can it be made salty …

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Free From Sin

We hear all the time that we are “free from sin” but what does that really mean? John 8 is one of my favourite passages because it contains such a powerful message that can be taken so simply but if you really dig into it you can pull a lot …

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The Sound of Worship

Worship is an important thing when it comes to life; it keeps us connected with God. My form of worship is music. Music has always been one of my greatest interests. I have been playing music since grade one, and have enjoyed it greatly. My brother and I used to …

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Close to the King

How close do you have to be to God to hear him? Like actually hear him. In my faith I notice a lot of people coming up to me and say “how come you always hear from God?” The thing that they don’t realize is I am not constantly receiving …

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