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Taking off the veil.

A teacher asked my class “Whats the last thing you put on before you go to school”. I and others answered and we were wrong. He then said “A mask”. Now, this was one of the truest things I’ve ever heard. But for many, I think, It’s actually the first …

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The Journey Of Friendship

Friends, in many ways, can be one of the best parts of our day-to-day life. But what happens when you lose that one person you trusted? What happens when that one person you thought would always be there has taken a stab at your heart?  My mother has always said …

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Real Friends

God is good. This weekend I went on a retreat with  my youth.  Going into the retreat I was thinking the same thing I always think before going on one of the retreats. “None of my really good friends are going, and I went last year, so is it worth …

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Friends Forever?

Have you ever heard somebody say “friends forever”? Maybe it was you who said it. Or perhaps someone has said this to you. Regardless of how it went down, to the people involved, the expression was like a seal on a sacred bond. But what about when that seal has …

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Ultimate Best Friend

Everyone goes to God when they are in need of help and feel stranded, and I know that lots of people tell you that you just need to talk to him all the time. Lately, I’ve realized it is so much more than just going to him and talking to …

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