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Walking Through Divorce

Divorce. This is something that almost 50% of all children will witness. Think of all the people living without their father or mother. All the kids who won’t learn how to properly maintain a healthy marriage because of how their parents handled theirs. All the broken hearts that see their loved …

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The peak of healing

Scars tell a story. No matter what they are from, they show something intimate, something that nothing else is able to show. They show something in your past, something that you had gone through. I know alot of people become ashamed of them, trust me, I have been there. I …

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Left Behind

A couple months ago, a friend of mine passed away. Death hurts enough when it’s natural, but when you know what I know about this, it hurts even more that someone leaving you of natural causes. She did it herself. I was painting a picture, the picture was a painting …

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Opening the Cage

Over the last three years, I have given up on faith, actually I had given up on everything. I decided that there wasn’t a God because if there was I wouldn’t be suffocating by all of the pain and stuffering that was dropped on me. I was convinced that if …

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The Healing and the Heartbreak

I think I’ve settled on a truth. The truth is that there are some things that we just don’t get over. There are some things that will always break our hearts and I don’t think that’ll ever end. But I’ve also realized that God is closest in the heartache. We’ve …

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