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Smokers Poison

Timing is everything, that is what young smokers think. They suppose that since they are so young they can smoke now and quit later. The chemicals effect you the same way as a 90 year old. Smoking is a killer. It kills 7 million people a year. It causes cancer and …

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The peak of healing

Scars tell a story. No matter what they are from, they show something intimate, something that nothing else is able to show. They show something in your past, something that you had gone through. I know alot of people become ashamed of them, trust me, I have been there. I …

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All It Takes Is One

Anti-bullying week has just passed and the feeling is still in the air. Late at night I got this strange feeling to write about my story and my experience with bullying. I tried to sleep it off but I couldn’t, it was like I had to write it right then …

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Feeling Empty and Lost

As of late, I have felt so incredibly lost and empty, feeling as though God is sitting there watching and I’m just carrying on not making a difference. It’s as though He’s sitting and watching, my prayers are gone with the wind and disappear as though the words were never …

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Jesus: Our Help

What is the meaning of Jesus to you? I was looking around the room and I saw this poster. It said “Jesus: Our help for today. Our hope for tomorrow.” This statement can sum up everything Jesus is For me. He is my help. He is my rescuer. He is …

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