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The peak of healing

Scars tell a story. No matter what they are from, they show something intimate, something that nothing else is able to show. They show something in your past, something that you had gone through. I know alot of people become ashamed of them, trust me, I have been there. I …

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All It Takes Is One

Anti-bullying week has just passed and the feeling is still in the air. Late at night I got this strange feeling to write about my story and my experience with bullying. I tried to sleep it off but I couldn’t, it was like I had to write it right then …

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Feeling Empty and Lost

As of late, I have felt so incredibly lost and empty, feeling as though God is sitting there watching and I’m just carrying on not making a difference. It’s as though He’s sitting and watching, my prayers are gone with the wind and disappear as though the words were never …

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Jesus: Our Help

What is the meaning of Jesus to you? I was looking around the room and I saw this poster. It said “Jesus: Our help for today. Our hope for tomorrow.” This statement can sum up everything Jesus is For me. He is my help. He is my rescuer. He is …

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