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You know the vicious cycle of self-esteem? Where you need reassurance desperately but you feel terrible for needing the reassurance in the first place? Then you sit alone in the dark wondering what to do and recounting all prior things you wish you hadn’t done, and sway in agony. Loneliness …

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Life Lessons

Hey all! It’s been awhile and I miss you dearly. As I’m getting acquainted with this new season in my life I have a few things I’d like to share with you all. It turns out the transition from high school to the outside world is not as smooth as …

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Christian Addiction

What is a “christian addiction”? Well as we know an addiction is something you crave. So that means that a “christian addiction” is an addiction to christ. When we are young, all we know is how to want. How to want attention, how to want food, and how to want …

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