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Post North

I got home from the NWT on Sunday. I don’t feel the raging sense of loss I felt after leaving Los Angeles. I don’t feel the overwhelming joy I felt after coming home from the same place last Summer. I just feel a little lost. While I was there I …

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I’m lost. There’s no point in hiding the truth behind a veil of fake smiles and laughs. My mind is in a wandering state, unsure of where to go and what to do, with only small voices guiding me. But not good voices. “You’re not worthy. You’re not worth it. You’re not …

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Journey to The Lightswitch

In my opinon, Christianity can be summed up in one word. Go. We weren’t made to be settlers. We weren’t made to live an easy, comfortable life with your two lovely children and perfect spouse. We were made to go. We were made to run out of our comfort zone …

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