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M10: Equip – Live Missionally

Super important to continue to pray today, for strength…endurance…wisdom…to name a few. Also, keep writing in on the comment section – for some of our sons and daughters, it will be most meaningful in these days! In our last major installment of Mission Families, click here!

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dirty feet on the dashboard

What is it about missions trips that make them so special? How do they so quickly burn a mark on our hearts? This is what I’ve been chewing on for the past two weeks. How long post LA has it been… roughly a month or so I think Honestly? I am …

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Comfort Zones and Surprises

So it’s the day before Los Angeles. Excited? Yes. Over the moon with joy? Yes. Feel like you want to throw up? Yes. This has been the dream forever. I remember seeing the Leadership teams come back from Romania and Jamaica and Mexico when I was in elementry school and …

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The Fate of Humanity

Humanity is doomed. It really has nothing left to give. Perhaps there may be small glimmers of hope, but these do not last, simply fading away with everything else that once was good. We go about our days working a global economy that relies on the backs of slaves around …

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A Prayer

Here I sit, waiting for the dawn to rise, waiting for the real trip to begin, waiting to see what has been the cause of such preparation, such nervousness, such excitement. God, why I am here? Is where I should be? In all honesty, if I shouldn’t be here, I …

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