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Quiet in the Ordinary

“Quiet down before God.” “Rest in The Lord.” “Be still.” “Be silent” “Surrender.” -Psalm 37:7- Sitting outside on my favorite place – the front steps, I am again found listening to the wind in the crisp leaves and looking up at the beautiful array of stars above me. I can …

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A gift in the snow

Its snowing outside, and people are complaining: “The roads are going to be to icy, My skin gets really dry. its so dark in the mornings and evenings. This season is a season of broken bones and death. The ice is so dangerous.” The list goes on. My family and …

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What’s Meaningful

What does your heart beat for? Or more accurately, what makes life meaningful for you? Too often we get so caught up in life that we stop living. Ironic huh? Of course I don’t mean literally, but our insides die — and that what counts. God has made each and …

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Meaning, Purpose & the Children of God

Sometimes we feel like we are lost and wandering aimlessly. I have felt that way before. The feeling of not belonging, lack of self-worth, it’s all real. The feeling that you are just on earth to be nothing of real importance, just like a SIM in a game, is incredibly …

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where is the wind blowing?

I would bet that most people remember the Lord of the Rings movies.  In one of the beginning scenes where Gandalf sends Frodo on a quest, Frodo screams “I’m going on an adventure!”, and then starts running through a meadow, hair blowing in the wind, map in hand, out to …

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