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The Fate of Humanity

Humanity is doomed. It really has nothing left to give. Perhaps there may be small glimmers of hope, but these do not last, simply fading away with everything else that once was good. We go about our days working a global economy that relies on the backs of slaves around …

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The Art of the Homeless

This trip has definitely been an experience of a life time. You learn so much from the people around you, not even necessarily by talking to them but also by watching them.Their lifestyles are so different from ours that it really makes you rethink your values. You can definitely see …

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My Journey

This is it. Breath in and out. We’re in the red zone. The final week! My mind is racing with thoughts, things to do, what if’s, nightmares, amazing wonders… pretty much everything has managed to make it through my head. The race has begun, and this is a snap shot …

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