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The Impact of Music

Now, by this title some people already are sighing and rolling their eyes. Don’t feel bad about it! I love music just as much as anyone reading this article. I could listen for hours just enjoying the beautiful art that people have made that pump me up before a sports …

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Imagine if we all lived in the same mindset. If we all lived the same religion. If we all got along with one another. If we all lived the same life. Yes, it would seem peaceful, but it would eventually cause utter chaos. We are built as one, but cannot …

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Tune In, Tune Out

In physics class, we had to do this experiment with an old AM radio–one of those which has a large antenna that extends a mile long (ahem. That was an exaggeration), and has a huge knob which you have to turn… The experiment consisted of tuning the radio enough to …

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Just a little while ago I had a moment where God spoke to me and I’d like to share it with you. I was in band class and we had just finished playing a song called faith. I play the French horn and as you blow warm air through the …

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Beats in the Buds

Our society has a wide variety of music to choose from. We have pop, rock, jazz, and so many more genres. But do we ever stop and actually think about what we’re listening to? The world has changed many times over. As for music, the tastes in the 1800’s were …

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