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Car Tetris & The Desperate Pursuit of Peace

Christmas.  The time of year when the mall becomes a bastion of kindness, where strangers play an aggressive form of CarTetris while pursuing the best possible expression of love for loved ones.  Where lights and decorations string out in endless pursuit of that perfect Christmas ambience.  Amidst the Christmas pageantry, the endless lists …

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In. His. Hands.

Think of all the things you have to do today, and all the things you have done already. A lot isn’t it? Slow down. Everyday, I struggle with keeping up with all the tasks I have to complete, where to go, what to do… It all gets a bit overwhelming. …

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Beautifully Broken

I am broken, but gladly so. The times in my life that have been riddled with trial, filled with brokenness, those are the times when I have felt the closest to God.  The times I have felt the most broken, I have also felt the most whole. There is something …

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