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A Dedication to You

I’m pretty sure all of grade nine at SCA can agree on something. We all look forward to bible class. For the past few years, we have moaned and groaned about dragging ourselves to bible class. Every year was the same thing, learn the material and go. We never learnt anything from it. But this year, everything changed. We can all apply parts of the bible that confused us so much to our own lives!! And what great man taught us how to do that?

Shaun Smith

So this is a thank you, from all the grade nine students who have come to God. You changed most of our lives and made us become more than we had ever wished for. We see the hidden messages in scriptures and know how to work with God. You showed us not to be afraid of who we are, but to love ourselves. Now, we have our own ministry. All thanks to you. So many kids who were in the dark can now connect with God on deeper levels. 9A, 9B and 9C have become a spiritual community, a group driven by adolescents. We started off with a website that was only viewed locally, to a website that’s viewed all around the world. I’m 100% sure we would have never come up with this site on our own.

We don’t see you as a teacher, but as a friend, a guide and a person who we all look up to and admire.

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Now in university I am on a clear route to traversing the waves and mountains of knowledge before me. My active pursuit to understand purpose alongside religion is now in progress.

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  1. I’ve recently started looking into my own faith and what i believe and this site has been a wonderful place for me to reflect on that. i wanted to make sure i said thank you to all the people who write on this site!

  2. I’d like to add my own thanks to the many writers on this site. We have been using this site to start “the faith talk” in our junior high bible study at our church here in Evanston, Illinois. This place has not only been a blessing for my heart, but for the junior ministry in my church! Thank you.

  3. The reason my parents want me to go to SCA is the Cristian structure. That wasn’t there until this year. There is now a spark or life in the spiritually deprived school we call STrathcona Christian Academy. Thank you Shawn, for following God’s plan for your life and putting so much effort into healing this school!

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