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The Hospital for the Broken

Whether you are visiting today from Rwanda or Iran, Switzerland or Peru, welcome. As the senior editor of our 9words online faith community, I want to say a heartfelt thanks for tuning in. We have come a long way in the last few months, growing from a site visited by a few to a vibrant faith community shared around the world. So thank you, and may your heart be blessed by this message of encouragement to people of faith around the world, with an incredibly challenging message.

Religion says slave, Jesus says son. Be challenged and blessed, and may you share the heart of Jesus to those around you today!

About Shaun

Most comfortable with people shorter than him, Shaun is able to leap over smaller people, medium-sized playground equipment and little barking dogs in a single bound. He is the proud father of a tall, a surfer, and a bobblehead, and is married to an incredible teammate named Michelle. As a religious education teacher and Pastor, Shaun desires to build community and discussion within the emerging generations. He is deeply passionate about digging for the 'real', and loves being around people who strive for authenticity. Shaun also happens to think that the phrase "baby bok choi" is possibly the most hilarious combination of words in the history of humanity.

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  1. Shaun showed this to us in class and afterwards we all sat there in silence with stunned looks on our faces. We didn’t even answer him the first couple times he asked us what we thought. I love spoken word. It is a great form of poetry that can really get to your heart. This is one of the most powerful spoken word videos I have ever seen.

  2. `Because when he was dangling on the cross he was thinking of you“ Smith showed us this video, and just like in Amanda`s class-we sat there just trying to process the message he was trying to communicate.

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