Wake Up

When we worship God, are we just going through the motions, or are we really singing along?

I know when I look left and right in chapels, church, or youth, many people aren’t singing or getting involved some how. They simply look dead, arms crossed, mouths closed, and trying not to make it awkward. But as I look at them I ask why?  what are you doing? Who are you trying to impress?

God – the God of the universe – is speaking to you, He knows what you are going through and just wants to love you, more than anyone has before. Why…how could you give up an opportunity like that? If God was really important to you it wouldn’t matter what others might think.(see how i put the MIGHT think, because chances are they probably won’t even care what you are doing, you can’t assume) All God wants is you.

Lots of people would die for an opportunity to worship or talk to God, but we are so self centered, all we think about is what others think. Our social status is so important to us that we would do anything just to stay number one. WHO CARES? There is something much more rewarding than looking or acting cool. There is a love that is indescribable,a grace so deep and undeserving. We push that out and would rather look cool, or fit in. I bet that if you just took one worship service and really got into it and listened to the words and sang them like you meant it, worship would be different.

Jesus came to the Earth and gave up his social status of being so powerful and holy, and humbled himself for all mankind. He died so that we could come into his presence and worship him, and not be separated anymore. If we don’t take worship time seriously we are pretty much throwing away God’s sacrifice for us. He did this so that we could worship him. then why don’t we?

It should be an honor to worship and serve God. He is the King of Kings. our Lord and Savior.

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