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Are You Hungry?

Me and my grandma used to always bake, it’d always just be me, her and my sister on summer days baking various delicacies that only a five-year-old can truly appreciate. I remember she had these bright yellow measuring cups that seemed to always be in the kitchen sink. These measuring cups were symbolic of my childhood, bright yellow and always full of something.

Let me tell you about my grandma’s faith. She had the kind of faith that made you want to live better. She was never a Bible-pusher and she never expected you to improve, she just expected you to be you. She had the Billy Graham type of faith, the old-fashioned selflessness that you never really appreciate until it’s gone. The first thing she’d say when you’d walk in the door was “Are you hungry?” It didn’t matter the circumstance, she was always concerned about you, your welfare, your day, your life. There was always a genuine smile on her face, not the kind that hides emotions but the kind that can only come from the wisdom of knowing that life doesn’t have to be as hard as some people make it out to be. She never said an ill word against anyone because she realised that there’s more to talk about then other people. She was what Christians are supposed to be.

Now here’s the question: when was the last time someone asked you if you were hungry? When was the last time you asked someone if they were hungry? It sounds silly but think about it, it’s the universal way of saying that you care about how someone is. Not just “How are you” because that’s automatic but thinking about others constantly is what Christ calls us to do. Being selfless isn’t hardwired into our brains, it’s a choice.

Living for God means living for people because people are from God, they’re in your life for a reason. Trust me. You might not see it quite yet but there will come a time when they’re out of your life for good. Please don’t wait until they’re out of your life forever to ask if they’re hungry.


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