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Unglamorous Jobs

Hello, sorry I haven’t posted anything yet I have recently been trying to take a break after our work.  Anyways, I have been doing a lot of services ranging from picking up garbage to, handing-out pamphlets for the upcoming Easter service. Today I was helping by sweeping the dirt and leaves off the sidewalk, falling a bit behind, when an elderly man who was watching thanked me for my work. That really helped to remind me that even when we are doing the unglamorous jobs people still notice and are appreciative of our work.  It feels good when you do a really good job while working and are able to take pride in your work and know that you did your job to the best of you ability.  [Dad: hey dad, heard you guys had a lot of snow. Hope the snow blower isn’t acting up. Today I thought of you when I saw the cashier at the coffee house sporting a Triumph T-shirt.  Also did you know that we flew into are are flying out of the John Wayne airport. I thought that was pretty cool.  See you soon love you lots]   [Mom: Hi mom, hope I haven’t grown to tall since I have been gone.  Please please please take some rest from house and school work you deserve it.  I love you this much {                                                          } plus more . [Summer: Summer guess what……when we were driving in our van we spotted a guy with a llama shirt which was like a puma shirt. keep calm and love llamas See you later.]

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