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Who is Jesus?

We here at the 9 words community have had an incredible year.  We’ve seen our readership double from the previous year, with 9 words now speaking into 3,000 cities in over 160 nations around the world.  So we thought, what better way to celebrate a great year than to finish it off with a film done by our own community?

As part of this film, our community was asked the question – who is Jesus?  Each person was given a 2 inch piece of paper with a shape on it.  Using precious items from their own lives, each person was to recreate the 2 inch shape on a 22 inch piece of paper.  We asked our community to share their heart on a 22 square inch space, and then to offer it as a sacrifice to God in worship.

This was a beautiful process.  Our community used everything from drumsticks to pokemon cards, typography to intricate drawings, rocks to smudged coffee.  In the background of the video, you’ll see just a few of the artistic expressions each community member employed.

Next, we chose a day where would all gather together.  And here was the beauty.  We took time for reflection, I got to serve communion to almost 90 people, and finally we worked together on the product you see on the stage – putting together the image of Christ.

To everyone at 9words, thank you for a fantastic year, and for making this an incredible experience.  And if you’d like to see more from 9words, go here – http://9words.ca

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