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Close to the King

How close do you have to be to God to hear him? Like actually hear him.

In my faith I notice a lot of people coming up to me and say “how come you always hear from God?”

The thing that they don’t realize is I am not constantly receiving messages from God like some sort of radio antenna . A lot of people forget the passage that says that God can not be where sin is. In fact the bible says that God cannot look at evil because he is so much better than that.

Before your holy eyes sin may not be seen, and you are unable to put up with wrong; why, then, are your eyes on the false? -Habakkuk 1:13a (BBE)

Every time I hear from God is when I am pure.

The bible CLEARLY states many times that we are to repent (meaning coming clean of our sins).

No, I tell you! But unless you repent, you will all perish as well! -Luke 13:3 (NET)

If we are not clean that means that we are full of sin. SIN IS EVIL. If this it is true that God can’t look at evil how could he talk to us?

Again… the only time that I hear from God is when I am puree.

It seems obvious but we feel safe sitting on our couch but how about walking down a dark ally, at night, downtown. Uncertain if around the next corner you are going to get caught in some gang shoot out or kid nabbed.

Yes, though I go through the valley of deep shade, I will have no fear of evil; for you are with me, your rod and your support are my comfort
. -Psalms 23:4 (BBE)

In over 150 instances does the bible talk about God Comforting us. If that it isn’t assurance I don’t know what is.

Lets make the connection.

We do not NEED constant messages from God, rather we need to spend more time fearing God than sitting around hoping that we receive some great message from Him.

Fear God and he will comfort you.

If we have so much assurance that God is real how come we always feel the need to get these messages from God?

We have absolutely nothing to lose if we fix our eyes on Jesus. If he is truly the centre of our lives we would believe that he always knows and does what is best for us even if he is doing this in secret.

You have to be VERY VERY VERY close to God and VERY VERY VERY far from sin to have some form direct contact from God. However this is not necessary to maintain a steady relationship with God.

If we fear Him and he will comfort us.

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