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overwhelmed, anxious and scared.
I told myself that I wouldn’t write to a couple days in but that changed. As I said goodbye to my family this morning at the airport I felt fine I have done this before I’m good, calm, relaxed I’ll get my starbucks for the plane and a nap in.. which all happened. I felt homesick which doesn’t happen till about 3 or 4 days in, I didn’t know my parents wrote me letters, I was shocked but it was a happy shocked. Read the first line of both letters tears came to my eyes instantly. I was homesick which is weird for me because I most of the time am okay till about a week or more without my family. I am emotional only when things get to me. I didn’t expect crying most of the way from Vancouver to LA. I realized how many people love me I had so many letters and little notes to get me through anything. Most of these kids I have known since September and the rest I have been going to school with since grade 7. Something I am proud of myself for is leaving my phone at home I have no music and most people that know me I am a music person I have my headphones in whenever I can and music is almost to the max. I turn on hillsong and that is how I worship God. God is showing me to worship him my spending time reading my bible and praying to him and asking for the holy spirit to fill me and everything I do. The saying I am always to myself is God break my heart for what breaks yours. I just am feeling like I want my warm bed. Tomorrow is a new day. I feel everyone’s prayers.
Pray for…
-that we can be God’s hands and feet
-God can speak through us

Parents we are good. Having lots of fun!

Love you family.

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  1. Glad to hear you have all arrived safely. Excited to hear about the many ways God will surprise you this week. Lots of prayers coming your way.

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