Little Needs.

Lately it feels like I have been stuck in a rut.  Stuck inside this feeling of loneliness, emptiness and meaninglessness.
Inside me, I was forgetting how God worked, I forgot how He worked in every small detail.
A week or so ago, I was out shopping alone, spending time in quietness just taking time to think and walk around. I just needed some time out of the house, out of school, out of life just to spend time alone. So I shopped. As I was in the Dollar Store, an idea came to mind that I should buy some hats and gloves just to hand out to people as I saw the need. So I bought some hats to store away in my vehicle to hand out whenever. I then drove around town, wasting time and decided to go into Canadian Tire to look for cheap gloves.  As I walked around, I noticed there was backpacks, that were cheaper than the usual.
I had only planned to buy hats and mitts, because those were the needs that I saw I could easily fill, I had to do something. I couldn’t imagine having to walk around the street without a hat or mitts, it is freezing.  But as I saw this backpack, something inside me decided to buy it. I got up to the counter to pay and left, wondering why in the world I would need the backpack. It isn’t the easiest thing to walk up to someone and give them.
I forgot about the stuff I had bought until last night.
Last night, a group of us went down to the PAC center to sort, and distribute personal needs items like clothes, hats, coats, shoes, shampoo and many many other things that we need to live, maintain a job, and take care of our families.  One request came in and as I looked around, I couldn’t find a backpack anywhere for this lady.
It is so hard to tell someone that you cannot find what they need. Right then I remembered the backpack I had bought a week ago.  It was so neat to see how God works, He plans ahead, He knows.  I got to personally give this lady the backpack that I had bought, not knowing who, when or how I would give this out.  God knew she would need that, He knew there would be a need, and He knew that I was able to fill it.  He used me to help someone, even when I didn’t know I could.
As I was driving home from the PAC, I realized how much I missed this community. How much I need this community to get through the days that seem unbearable.  How blessed I am to be a blessing to someone in need of some hope.
There was so many times last night where God took care of a need.
Someone’s need for a pair of size 32 work pants, or a need for a suit jacket to wear to work, may seem so small, but to God – that need matters just as much as anything. The fact that I got to meet a man named Henry, who put on a suit jacket and couldn’t get over the fact that it fit him perfectly, the fact that he now had a jacket to go to work in, that may seem small – but to God Henry’s need last night matters just as much as anything else.
God doesn’t need me to journey all the way to the other side of the world to make a difference, He doesn’t need to show me a huge sign in the sky with bright shining lights to show me that He still loves, remembers and longs for me.  Last night, I was reminded that God takes care of every little thing, every small detail.
God knew that that last suit jacket would fit Henry perfectly.
That in itself gives me the assurance that He will take care of my heart too.

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