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M10: Equip – Live Missionally

Super important to continue to pray today, for strength…endurance…wisdom…to name a few. Also, keep writing in on the comment section – for some of our sons and daughters, it will be most meaningful in these days!

In our last major installment of Mission Families, click here!

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Most comfortable with people shorter than him, Shaun is able to leap over smaller people, medium-sized playground equipment and little barking dogs in a single bound. He is the proud father of a tall, a surfer, and a bobblehead, and is married to an incredible teammate named Michelle. As a religious education teacher and Pastor, Shaun desires to build community and discussion within the emerging generations. He is deeply passionate about digging for the 'real', and loves being around people who strive for authenticity. Shaun also happens to think that the phrase "baby bok choi" is possibly the most hilarious combination of words in the history of humanity.

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  1. Love this. Live missionally.

  2. So good to hear your voice this morning Liam! I continue to pray for you and the team, read the materials and watch just about every YouTube video I can find! It is amazing and devestating that such poverty exists in such a developed country. I cannot imagine the loneliness and despair of being homeless. Praying today for strength, endurance and God’s love to absolutely radiate from each of you. Love you, from Mom❤️

  3. I never thought I would say these words…I am so thankful for the internet this morning. I am like a child at Christmas time, running to the computer each morning to see and hear what the team has planned for today. Thank you so much Shaun for allowing us to share in what you guys are doing down there. And the videos that Lori has been posting…I saw Kenna in the background. Thank you! Kenna is so strong and I know I am missing her more than she is missing home. She loves to travel and God is using her and her gifts to heal the world. Praying for you guys to meet people where they are and shower them with the love of Jesus.


  4. Really missing you today Jenna…and thinking of you all pretty much constantly. I find myself checking this blog many times a day for every bit of information as to what you are all experiencing. Love and prayers to you and your team as you continue to touch the lives of ones who need it the most. I am so proud to be your mom! Love Mom

  5. Hi Kenna. So proud of you and praying for you and the team each day. Looking forward to hearing how God worked through you and in you. May you bring joy to everyone you meet as you share and show the love of Christ. Love ya Ken!

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