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Meaning, Purpose & the Children of God

Sometimes we feel like we are lost and wandering aimlessly. I have felt that way before. The feeling of not belonging, lack of self-worth, it’s all real. The feeling that you are just on earth to be nothing of real importance, just like a SIM in a game, is incredibly easy to get. I have also felt this way before. It was my first year of Jr.High. I was walking through the hall, and I was shoved into some lockers. I was upset, so I asked why the person why they did what they did. The person ignored me, and I was crushed.

They didn’t even register me as a living, breathing human. I went home and I tried to talk about it with my parents. I was also ignored. I was starting to feel invisible. I went to basketball practice that night, hoping that things would get better. It didn’t. My coach wasn’t a Christian, and he had his favourites. I was not one of them. We were playing scrimmage, and he sat me for the whole game. My friends on the team also weren’t talking to me, as they all went to the same school, and I was the only christian.

Guys, if you are walking aimlessly, don’t do what I did, and believe you were nothing, just a piece of lint on somebody’s shirt, just to get blown off. The Good Father did not, and I repeat, DID NOT make you to be a SIM. I went to God with my troubles, and I poured out my heart to Him. He responded to me and He said, “You are beautifully and wonderfully made in My image. You are worth more to me that all of the world’s riches multiplied by infinity.” He loves each and every one of us. He made each and every one of us. If you are hurting, feeling lost, Read the Bible, talk to God, pray, go to someone who you know will listen to you. That’s what I did, and now I feel like I have a purpose. You may not see it immediately, but don’t be discouraged. God DOES NOT make mistakes.

I don’t care what others say. I love myself they way I am. I am proud to say I am a daughter of Christ, and I was made in His own eyes for one of the most important jobs ever. I am called to tell others about Jesus. I love my job, and I’m not hesitant to do so. You may be called to tell others about Him, or you may not. Everybody’s job is different. I know without a doubt that every single one of you were called for a purpose, and that you are NOT a waste of space. You are NOT invisible, and down the road, sooner or later, someone will be in great need of you. You could be the only person who tells them about Christ. You might be the only one who has gone through what someone else has gone through who knows that God is real and He does help those in need.

God loves you. God has a purpose. You have meaning. You are not a SIM. You are a child of God put on this earth for a reason.

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  1. This really touched me. You have such great things to say, thank you for sharing. <3

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