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The Child With the Sound Heart

There once was a child of sound heart. However, as society became more aware of her, and her of society, the once bright flame of her faith began to dim. She would stare into the dark of the night and think only of the terror that awaited her. She grew to show a mere projection of something fake. People believed her to be something, when really she was another. Many thought she was confident, but also could be mean and selfish. At home she isolated herself purposefully and leered at those who tried to help her. Quickly, those who tried to help realized that it was hopeless, that if she were to change, she would have to make that change herself. And so the child remained like this for several more years.

However, what she had once believed brought her pleasure and joy, soon only pulled her deeper and closer to pain. She began to see what her actions were really doing to her, and soon the very darkness that she had kept inside of her all those years, all the pain and yearning for something righteous and true, finally broke free. She was plunged into darkness, falling deeper and farther, causing her to cry out in terror. But nobody heard, nobody saw the pain, the anguish that showed clear on her face. They had given up and turned a blind eye on the girl.

Four had not. When she cried out, her mother was there, to cradle her head and sooth her to sleep. When she screamed in pain, her father was there, to hold her close and speak wise words that she could learn from. When she died inside, her brother was there, to pat her head and tell her that he would always be there for her. When she fell down into the darkness of the world, her God was there, in fact, He had always been there. So blind was she that she could not see the light that shone clear and true. She had been like those who had forgotten, and turned her face away from the one who could help her.

So slowly, with all there help, she picked herself back up. Still she felt alone and confused about what life was really for her and what she contributed and who she was, but there were still some people that did and didn’t know her that helped her through. They would smile at her or send the occasional message to ask how she was. That was all that she needed. All that she wanted. When she fell down, she wanted to see if anyone noticed, if anyone cared, if anyone hadn’t given up on her. And to her relief, there were.

There is always someone that cares. Humanity may have its own flaws, but one of the first things we ever learn is love and compassion. Maybe you don’t see those individuals that care so much all the time, but they are there, they care. You just have to be able to open your eyes from the darkness, to see the blaring light shining on your face. And once more, the child who had fallen returned to light, having a faithful sound heart.

“After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.”


“Everyone falls down, it’s when we get back up that it matters and things change…”

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  1. This is so incredible Jacqueline! Your writing is so insightful! I really needed this. <3

  2. This such a beautiful article. I love the way you put it in 3rd person and how accurate it is. Keep writing. 🙂

  3. Amazing. Touching. Inspiring.

  4. This is so beautiful Jacqueline. Your writing is absolutely incredible. This is a very touching artial.

  5. Jacquie, you honestly have a beautiful way with words. Everything you write is extraordinarily touching. You really know how to touch on delicate topics without disrupting them. Thank you for writing, and I hope you will continue to write articles like this.

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