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Encounter Thursday Debrief

Change. An uncomfortable topic for the majority of us. This idea that things become different. This thought of a new beginning.

What is change to you?

For some of you, if you are like me, this question isn’t all that easy to answer. It is in a way difficult to comprehend. But why is this?

Why does God make change so uncomfortable? 

As humans, we constantly seek for change. Yet we struggle with it so greatly. Why is this? Well, if it were easy to change, everyone would be doing it. But the tough truth is that change is not easy , and really is not naturally. At least without God it isn’t.  A lot of us forget to think about God when we are planning to change, and that is why we suffer with it so greatly.

Some change is uncontrollable. The seasons, the day and night, the weather. But one thing that remains constant throughout all of this is the love that God has for us. And the amount that he wants us to allow him to change us.

Hebrews 13:8 // Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. 

God does have you where he wants you in life. He is working in you, and is wiling to change you. All that is required of you is to allow him to have control over your life, and allow him to make you the person he wants you to become. Sometimes the change that we seek for in our life is different from the change that God seeks in our life. It’s hard to accept that, but once you do, you are unstoppable… You are a change maker. 

Are you willing to give God the power to change you? If the answer is yes, you are halfway there. And if the answer is no, don’t worry… God sees you, and God is still working in you. He will not forget about you.

Take some time to reflect on a few of these questions, and really dial in on what God has been putting on your heart.

What does change mean to you?

What has God been putting on your heart?

What are you willing to change in your life?

Why is change an uncomfortable topic? 

Do you believe God intentionally made change to be difficult?

Feel free to leave any answers you may have to these questions in the comments.


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