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Encounter Friday

Black and white. Good and evil. Darkness and light.

Two ends of a spectrum.

Imagine a world in black and white–contrast is evident, but colour is non-existent.  In eternal darkness, there is no understanding of light. An entirely evil world has no knowledge of goodness.

Naturally, we grow tired of repetition: we are bothered by monotony. Black and white won’t satisfy. We thirst for change. 

Are you stuck in the black and white of God?

Often, we find ourselves viewing God as one or the other. No in-between. A two dimensional God–only one side to Him.

God is everything; He is unfathomable.

In various ways, and at different times, God reveals bits and pieces of himself to us. Your image of God is completely different than the person sitting next to you. 

So what are you missing from Him?

Change the perspective you have of God–be bold enough to reach the other end of the spectrum and fill in all of the gaps. Search for the pieces of Him you are missing. Be ambitious. 

Are you willing to let God introduce himself to you in a new way?

Be vulnerable to let God change who He is to you.

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