Encounter Thursday

Remember when you were younger? With your hands covered in blue paint, mud seeping through holes your shoes, and an exuberant amount of energy to burn. Innocent bliss. With a small mind, and a large heart, you dreamed of growing up to be someone important–a prima ballerina, an astronaut, a megastar, or a hockey player in the NHL. Setting goals, you tried to change and remodel yourself into someone completely different: you desired to change who you would become, even though you were oblivious of what God had planned for you. When you thought you would become a pirate, God knew you would be an influential politician.

For fun, we would try on our mothers high-heels, or our fathers old hockey skates. Looking in the mirror, we saw not only ourselves–wearing shoes six sizes too big–but who we intended to become. Someday, we hoped that our feet would fit those same shoes.

We all want to be witnesses to change; however, change can’t be made without progression.

As humans, we are addicted to progress–whether that be externally, or internally: change leads us closer and closer to the person we want to be. In our society today, we find ourselves wandering in circles: we are a generation of individuals who constantly ask the same question, “what’s next?” Setting goals for ourselves, we never cease until we reach those heights, and once we are satisfied, we create more goals, aiming higher than we did before. The cycle repeats itself.

In the end, what are we really living for? We end up  a whole pile of achievements stashed away; but who are we changing for? And is it worth it? What ever happened to being present? Creating memories instead of fretting over the future; enjoying the small things that make you remember how blessed you are. Living like this, you intentionally immerse yourself into authenticity. Genuinely, living in this way is less stressful and incredibly rewarding.

“You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth thinking about how you’ll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.”  -John Green

Worrying about constant and immediate change is unnecessary: it restricts you from living life in the present.

Reflect on yesterday. Since then, have you grown taller? Is your hair longer? Are your feet bigger? In our minds, we view yesterday as insignificant–expecting nothing much happens. Once again, we thrive in monotony. However, when you step back and put things into perspective–everything changes. A year ago, you may have had braces, shorter hair, and smaller feet. Insignificant days that have passed suddenly are valuable. 

However, is physical progression the only thing we can accurately track?

Our character changes day-to-day by the smallest decisions, encounters, and ideas. Even though we may not realize it–others around us are quick to notice.

When God created us, he had a vision for us.  Every decision you have ever made has influenced where you are right now, and who God has shaped you to be. Even though you have made the decisions that have led you to this point, God has intervened and intentionally placed those decisions right where you could see them.

Right now, in this moment, God is forming you into the person that you are, and that person that you are going to become–even though you may not be aware of it. Step by step you are changing. Day by day. Week by week. Take life one step at a time.


How have you changed? And how willing are you to progress?


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