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A Gentle Relentless Love

Our God is the God who grasps brokenness and isn’t afraid to use messy people.
Our God is the God who takes our hearts, pulls them and chips away at them to shape them into something that resembles His.
Our God is the God who is near.

He isn’t afraid to draw into brokenness. He isn’t afraid to enter into our anger at Him. He isn’t afraid to turn us around – He loves the broken pieces of us.

How beautiful is that.
We are His. He loves to be ours.

Something intensely beautiful happens when we are thrown into space that He can work – He doesn’t care if we ‘aren’t ready’. He doesn’t care about our past mess. He doesn’t care about our present mess.
He cares about us.
He uses messy to create even more messy but beautiful mystery that resembles Himself.

Oh what a beautiful chance we have to draw into Him.

“Our affection, our devotion poured out on the feet of Jesus.”
He doesn’t care if our hearts are a mess. He cares that our hearts are His – He will do the rest.

What is change?
Overwhelming. Messy. Broken. Hard.

A dear friend told me this the other day – her name is Mikaela MacMullin.

“It’s crazy indeed how things are moving forward so quickly without time for us to really adjust and get comfortable with the change, but it’s good. It is good for us to be uncomfortable, It means we are human and it means we are on the edge of something exciting.”

On the edge of something exciting. Change means we are drawing near to something even bigger than who we are – something of God’s creation. That in itself is beautiful. Powerful. Moving. Stirring. Filling.

“This will be our anthem song. Jesus we love You. You are the one our hearts adore.”

Yes You are. You are good. You are here.

God is yearning to draw near to you. He needs you.
Take the step into the deeper water that He draws us constantly into. He is constant – He loves our mess.

Being like Jesus means drawing near to others within their mess – but also drawing into their hope. That hope is Jesus.
He is constant. He is stirring. He is changing hearts. Let’s give Him everything we’ve got and see what He has planned. He is stirring something here. Something full of gentle yet relentless love.

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