Progress, Community, & The Struggle

No one understands, no one cares, I am alone.

Lies. All of those words are lies. You are a magnificent human being. You are loved, you may not see it or feel it, but you are loved. Your creator loves you so much that words cannot describe. There is never a time in your life where you are not unconditionally loved by God. Right now, the road ahead may seem long, narrow and bumpy, but eventually you will look back and see where God has fixed those potholes in your life. This wrestle, this fight is not permanent although it may seem like it. But God is doing so many things in your life and someday you will realise that.

There are many people that I know that are struggling right now (me included), and I understand that these words may be cliché. But there are people in this world who notice that you are struggling, take that into account, and pray for you. When I read some of the articles on here, my heart breaks, I think of the authors every minute of every day and I am praying. You may think that no one cares but, man, you are so wrong. You are loved by the community, by your friends and by God.

This encounter week, one of our speakers made an incredible point.

“You are still a work in progress.”

This struggle will not last forever! This is not the end of the road! All of this is in God’s plan (another clichè quote), and your suffering will end. All of this is a big long process that will eventually work out in some way. But God knows exactly what is going on and he is making sure that it will somehow work out in your favour.

So do not forget, there are people out there praying for you. God does love you no matter what and this is not permanent. This will all die down eventually and you will look back and see what God has done. You are not alone.

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