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What Is Love?

Love. It’s such a powerful thing.

We say it a lot.

We act on it a lot.

We love people a lot.

We have relationships with people, and those relationships contain love. Our world was made out of love. Humanity was made out of love. God made us out of love. When God says He loves us, He means it. In our culture today, we seem to throw around the word “love” all the time. We say it sarcastically. We say it jokingly. We don’t mean it.

There is one problem with this. Love is not a joke. God’s love is unconditional. He is NOT joking when He says He loves us. Love is something that is so rare in the world today, and we just throw it around. Stop. Think. If God didn’t really love us, and He was just joking, we would not be here. The world we live in would not be here. Yes, loving each other is good. Loving pets is good. Loving friends, family’s, boy/girlfriends is good.

But when we say “I love you.” Mean it. “We love because He first loved us.” God made us to love. God made us to show his love. Please don’t throw it away. Today, tomorrow, and in the future, show people love that you haven’t met before, show people God’s love that haven’t felt it before. Go and do this. In the Bible, it says “Love one another and you would love yourself.” Love is the most important feeling every person has. Give it to them. Don’t deprive them of it. Don’t sarcastically love them. Either you really love them or you don’t. Give love. Because God gave His love.

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  1. Hey Maddie I think that’s why now in our society whenever we say that God loves us then we don’t really get impacted because that word has just been thrown around so much.

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