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Locked Rooms

If there is another knock on the door, will you open it? If you open it and there is a poor man begging to you on your doorstep, would you be generous to him, or simply close the door? What if God appeared. Would you let Him in, or shrug Him off because you are scared to allow him see what you are hiding?

We tend to hide our feelings not only to others but to ourselves. We shove whatever we are feeling into a room, lock it and throw away the key so that we forget about it. More rooms appear. More keys get thrown away. We tend to think “no one can save this madness” or “no one can see this madness, so what’s the point?” Tell me, what’s the point of keeping locked doors? The maze is only going to grow. Our feelings just keep growing. We would then take our anger out on the world, friends and ourselves. Someone is bound to see that maze. What would happen then? Really, that all depends on what you do now. Are you going to keep on hiding it? Or are you going to tell someone who you trust, are you going to break down those doors? We can’t tell you what to do – we’re not robots.

Let me tell you this: do not be afraid of hiding, for He already knows. For He is waiting for you to open up to Him so that he can comfort you and bring happiness to your soul. Do not be afraid of hiding, for the only one that’s stopping Him is you.

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  1. Veneza, I love this so much! You are amazing at writing. It’s so true that we keep things locked up, hoping to never access them again. But the more rooms we create, the harder it’s going to be to live our lives.

  2. You have such incredible wisdom Vaneza. Thank you for the encouragement today 🙂

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