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Crying Christians

I used to think I needed to pick sides, but now I know it’s better to pick a fight.
-Bob Goff

Are you going to be brave or safe?
-Gary Haugen

I started crying at the supper table tonight. On TV were shots of children living in a town in Syria who were starving to death. No aid has reached their city for months and they are forced to stay put due to the fighting around them while supplies run out. Barely skin and bones, these precious, made in the image of God children haven’t eaten in seven days. And you know what? I should be crying, I’m not ashamed of those tears.

Being the light of the world doesn’t mean being a big ball of sunshine 24/7. It means bringing light to dark places. It means allowing yourself to care and get hurt and suffer with others. It means picking fight and fighting the darkness with light. I think broken hearts might just be the light of the world.

Playing small and just getting by in a tiny, air-conditioned bubble won’t make this dark world any brighter. Yes caring about others will require sacrifice and a lot of tears but if you look at Jesus’ life and want to live like him then passive apathy is not the right direction. We get comfortable and forget that the rest of the world does not live like us.

You can say a lot about Jesus but he certainly wasn’t apathetic. He could’ve become king and lived an easy life but chose to commiserate with the people he cared about (and still does). He bled, he wept and got his hands dirty, sacrificing comfort for a life in service of others.

You sitting on your couch and wondering why the world is getting worse is not what you were made for. You were made for more. Don’t sell yourself short, don’t give yourself excuses of why you can’t because there’s many more reasons why you can. You are not too young or uneducated or poor or unskilled or inexperienced. You have all you need. You were born where you are and when you are for a reason and don’t let yourself get convinced otherwise.

Want to change the world? Start caring. Broken hearts are restless.

Pick a fight and keep fighting until the dark has been overcome by light. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the statistics. One child starving to death is too many, one person trapped in slavery is too many, one person without a home is too many. There may always be poverty but that doesn’t mean our work is in vain. There is hope that the world can get better. Each person is precious, the world’s poor have infinite worth. Don’t get caught up in your prejudices and comfort zones, God is a whole lot stronger than both those things.

Are you going to be brave or safe?

If your fight is human trafficking:

If your fight is refugees:

If your fight is poverty:

If your fight is medical care for all:

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