Parking Lot Dreams.

Sundays are for dreaming.

This morning a friend and I went to WeCare, where we talked to some of the people who just need a bit of help to get by. WeCare is a place for homeless and underpriveleged people to come listen to a sermon, pray together, get bread and warm soup with a cup of hot coffee. It’s a place of community, it’s a place where walls are broken, and where people are people.

We talked with this one man, and he explained his story to us.
He grew up in El Salvador and his father was killed in the war. When he was around 17 he came to Canada – and has been here ever since.
He dreamed with us. This morning, a 73 year old homeless man reminded me how to dream.

He asked us simple questions, and we wondered together why the world has to be the way it is. I think sometimes we make the answer to these simple questions, the questions of: What can I do to change things? How can I help? Why isn’t anyone doing anything?, and we make the answers so complicated. We blame the system, we blame ‘society’, we blame others.
But as we stand there asking such questions, why aren’t we doing anything ourselves? We stand, pointing out all the issues of ‘our society’ whoever that may consist of, and we feel helpless to change anything.
This man pointed to the homeless scattered across the parking lot, talking with each other and doing church together and he said this, “These people have skills. Each and everyone of them has skills, we just don’t know about them”.

I was reminded once again the very real truth that homeless people aren’t weak. They have skills. They are people just like you and I, they have talents and abilities. Some may be artists, some may be actors, some may be writers, some may be engineers, some may be architects, some may be singers, some may be teachers. Just like you and I.

We aren’t any different. So how can we help?
Well, why don’t we each look at our own abilities and see what we can do for others.
Are you a teacher? Why not teach someone a skill they can use to obtain a job.
Are you an artist? Why not join up with other artists and encourage each other in the things you love?
Do you need a worker with experience? Why not employ the man who has worked in his home country for years and needed to flee the war, has now come to Canada and cannot get hired because he was taught your trade in a different country?

This man told us that we could make a difference. If we refuse to let fighting and our differences stop us from helping others, things can change.
I think when we stand and dream together, we can change something. If we start to realize that we are society – instead of blaming others in society – and we decide to dream, things will change.

The man we met today, he ended the conversation with something like this,
“Well, I hope to see you again soon, maybe next week. Then we can make a difference for these people. We can make change.”
God gave each of us skills, talents and abilities. Let’s use them to show love to others, to make a change.

“Much dreaming and many words are meaningless, therefore stand in awe of God”. Ecclesiastes 5:7

Let’s not just stop at dreaming, but let’s actually do.

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