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A gift in the snow

Its snowing outside, and people are complaining: “The roads are going to be to icy, My skin gets really dry. its so dark in the mornings and evenings. This season is a season of broken bones and death. The ice is so dangerous.” The list goes on. My family and I have some of those issues with winter as well. This morning i sat in my bed going 10 more minutes 5 more minutes, i didn’t want to move. Turns out i missed my bus and had to walk to school. I was not thrilled about this as it was snowing and slushy in places. Non the less I put on my sweater, grabbed my bag and headed out the door. Then something amazing happened.

Before i even reached the edge of my court, i had pushed my sleeves up, i couldn’t feel that much cold, it was pleasant outside. Despite everyone else in winter jackets i felt fine. Then as i walked i began smiling, as i walked my smile grew bigger and bigger till i was giggling profusely. I couldn’t stop, i took a detour to walk longer. I eventually took off my sweater to enjoy the slight chill, and stopped giggling. The smiling never stopped the whole way to school.

I realized something as i stepped into the school. The moment where I was surrounded by snow, twirling around me as i smiled, i felt free. I felt at peace, and non of my problems mattered.  It was a moment i hardy ever get. Even though winter bring ice and dry air there is something beautiful and mysterious about it. God created the snow, and I believe that early this morning he made me realize just how great winter can be. I saw the peace and beauty of it, the way the snow is a blessing and the cold should be embraced. The calm in the morning you only get in winter or in the country. Where every thing is still, and everyone is quiet in there homes. That is why winter is so amazing, it creates as calm yet eerie atmosphere, one full of peace and when its all over spring is here. Spring the time of fresh starts and new life.

Winter is a true blessing.  You have to remember that no matter how bad and cold the inter is, spring will always follow. Maybe not as soon as you would like or as warm as you wish but the spring will come but only once winter is over. In the same way no matter what your problems are, God will solve all of them, maybe not the way you wanted him to. God works in mysterious ways, much like the winter he created to give way to spring, Some things are blessings in disguise.

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  1. This is a very strong article… you are truly a special friend. This just shows how God can work in our lives and make the special moments count! 🙂 We should be thankful for what we have been given and use it in a positive way.

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