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Snow, Fresh Faith & a Sense of Wonder

I’d love for you to imagine the moment you saw snow for the first time.  Maybe you just came from another country that doesn’t have a white winter, or maybe you were two years old when you were awestruck with the small delicate flakes that floated to the ground.

You didn’t notice the cold or the fact that your nose and cheeks were turning red. All you noticed was how playfully the snow fell from the sky and danced its way to the ground. You couldn’t quite comprehend what this fluffy stuff was but you knew it was beautiful.

Fast forward 10 years. You wake up and look out the window and what do you see? Snow. You are no longer filled with the awestruck wonder that overcame you the first time. You now come to see snow as a sign of winter. It is no longer about building snowmen, making snow angels or sticking your tongue out to catch the fresh bits of winter.  There is simply nothing special about it anymore. You may just see it as another thing that you have to put up with. You may now have to shovel the snow, brush off your car or you may find yourself spending most of your time dreaming on how to get away from it.

Is this how you view God? Nothing special?  A chore?

I am sure when you first became a part of God’s family you were awestruck with wonder. Just like the time you saw your first snow flake.

When your faith is new, it is exciting and you tend to see God in everything. You see Him in the flowers outside. You see Him in the birds and in the trees. You see Him in the way the wind blows. But for many of us, God is no longer seen with wonder.

In Revelations 2, the writer challenges a church in Ephesus with these words:

Have you forsaken the love you had at first?  Consider how far you have fallen? Do the things you did at first…

This is my own challenge this week.  Have I forsaken my curiousity? Have I forsaken my amazement at who God is?  Have I forsaken my sense of wonder?






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