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How To Trust (Again)

Once trust is broken, how can anyone trust again? Is it even possible?

I know when you trust someone so deeply, and you tell them many things, it’s hard to trust anyone besides them. But on the day they betray you and flood the world with your secrets, your heart breaks a little. It’s as though someone has stabbed you and you build walls so high and strong that even you have troubled breaking them down.

The Bible tells us that we need to trust in order to truly have friends, that’s the only point of friendship, supporting and caring for one another. But it’s definitely easier said than done, of course, I think we all know this, since it’s usually the case.

I’ve trusted people many times before, but they hurt me with it. Some on purpose others not, but either way it hurt.

I don’t have an easy time trusting anyone and it’s a big part of my life. But you should always know that God is there, and you can trust Him.

People may hurt you, they may scar you, they break you down and try to drown your soul. But if you think you are worthless, then I have something to tell you.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you are also made in Gods’ image, so saying you are worthless means you think God made a mistake. And God doesn’t make mistakes. You insult Him and all His creations when you do that.

If you don’t have any struggles with trust and never have, then good job. But everyone struggles with something. If you don’t, then how do learn?

A friend of mine once said ‘Why is God always there when I’m happy but leaves and abandons me when I need Him the most?’

My answer to that after thinking about it is, when we are happy is when we don’t think of Him as much, when we are down our main focus is usually Him. So I ask you this, if you pray for peace and joy when you are down and need it, and if you feel like God isn’t listening or answering your prayers, then who send those people, things, and words your way that help you and take you from that place and give you the peace and joy you asked for? Is it not God answering your prayers for such things?

I used to do the same thing, feel abandon when I was lost and forgot Him when I was happy or at peace. I was praying at Encounter when this thought occurred to me and me and friend discussed it for some time.

Another thing we did was tear apart the verse Psalm 139:14 ‘You are fearfully and wounderfully made.’

Me and my friend went over what it means to be fearfully made, what does it truly mean? It went on for a long time, but it basically means we are made to fear God and to have strength from God, it’s so much more than this but I’ll let you think about it for yourself.

I know this article went all over the place, but don’t forget God is always there, He can easily take and hold your burdens and weights, so give it to Him and He will accept it. He will also provide you with a place to put your head and rest your soul when you are weary. A place that is safe and restful, a place with hope and forgiveness, and mercy and grace, and peace and love. He is your safe-house, guarded by God, you are safe, nothing can flow past His love for you. It is true and pure, so don’t worry, it will be okay.

Trust in Him, and try to trust others though it’s hard. Trusting everyone is foolish, so still be wise about it. Sometimes it’s a wise thing not to trust a friend; especially if you feel you can’t, this is called wisdom.

And no matter what, He will never abandon you or leave helpless and defenceless in the presence of evil, you have the Bible and His everlasting, unconditional love. I hope that you continue to always remember Him.

Your hair, eyes, height, everything, it’s the way it is for a reason. You are loved, you make a difference. One step at a time, your days, your words, your life and your thoughts are not going to waste. You do help others, and you do have a purpose, and you are truly loved and precious. Never forget it.

It’s tough to remember.

But it’s an important truth.

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  1. Trusting is hard. And learning to trust again is even harder. This is a wonderful article and I appreciate the point being made about trusting the truth. sometimes you feel like you can trust nothing and nobody. But you can always trust the truth of God.

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