Grey on a Page of White

Do you have a dream?

Think hard for a second. Is there some place where you have felt a bit of your heart left behind in and you dream to make a difference there again? Is there someplace where you’d like to go back and serve? Is there some sort of ministry or organization you would like to start? Did you once have a dream to do something huge with your life?

Is there something that God once placed on your heart and you may have forgotten about because it’s been so long?

Well, for me… there is.
I have a dream to start a daycare for underprivileged parents in Los Angeles, California. For those who can’t afford normal rates, for those who are struggling to get by. I feel like God has placed this dream on my heart – and it continually nudges at me.

But what happens when that dream’s nudging starts to fade just a bit more and more every day?
Does that mean that God is forgetting about it? That God didn’t actually mean to put that dream on your heart?
I don’t believe so.

My boyfriend said something really neat tonight. I was explaining to him my heart hurts, how I am confused at God for placing two of my dreams in such different parts of the earth. One in Los Angeles, and one in the Northwest Territories. “What are you doing God?” I ask. At some points I get a bit angry at God, feeling like my dream of a daycare isn’t as important to Him anymore.

But Cole told me something like this: Right now, running ministry in the North is something that we can tangibly do. We have already been able to plan 2 trips up there on our own. God is moving mountains for us to be able to do this. It’s all in God’s hands.
But just because our hearts are in two totally different places doesn’t mean that God forgot, or mistakenly put, that first dream of serving in LA into my heart. It’s there for a reason. We just have to wait and earnestly seek His timing for it all.

So remember that dream you have? Good.

Do you feel stuck where you are? Do you feel like life really isn’t moving? Like that dream is slowly fading? Or has it faded completely and all that is left is a faint grey stroke on a page of white?
Well. Here’s your reminder. That dream – it was set in your heart on purpose. God hasn’t forgot about you. Your dream is no less important now than it was when He planted it.

He’s got you. It’s all in His timing. Just don’t let the black fade to grey.

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8

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