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Quiet in the Ordinary

“Quiet down before God.”
“Rest in The Lord.”
“Be still.”
“Be silent”
-Psalm 37:7-

Sitting outside on my favorite place – the front steps, I am again found listening to the wind in the crisp leaves and looking up at the beautiful array of stars above me. I can feel the chill of winter coming on, and the beauty of fall around me.
As I sat down – I almost pulled out my guitar, like usual, just to play around and worship God through that.

But I think I heard God say to me, “Be Quiet.” “Be still”

I almost played All Sons and Daughters music off my Ipad too – just in case God meant just to listen to music. But again, here He was saying, “Jess. Just listen. Quiet your heart. Listen to My beauty”.

As I gaze up at the beautiful artwork above me, I can’t help but think how truly, surreally beautiful God really is.

His wind whistling through the leaves, His heartbeat through the little sounds of life around me.

How many times do we turn on the radio in our cars on the way to work? For me? Every day.
How many times do we need to occupy ourselves with doing SOMETHING to make us feel God?

For me, I usually bring out the guitar and feel peaceful doing that – but I also think that God needs me just to sit and hear Him once in a while. Not hear Him through a song all the time – but hear His heartbeat through this breeze, and hear His voice through the beauty all around me.

I like to doodle little phrases on my arms and hands, little daily reminders of God’s beauty to myself, the one last night that I wrote to myself was this,
“a little bit of meaning in all this ordinary.”

These steps that I am sitting on seem ordinary – really they are just a few pieces of wood nailed together. This breeze may seem like an everyday thing – and these stars, really they are here every single night.
But should the reason that they are here everyday take away from the beauty God created them to have?

Even though life may seem like ordinary, mundane, everyday type thing – why don’t we strive to find meaning THROUGHOUT this ordinary?

Look out right now at the stars, or look out at the beauty of the sky and the clouds.
What do you see?
Do you see ordinary?
If so,

Look for the meaning. Look for the sacred beauty of it all.
Quiet yourself before The Lord.

Sit and hear His voice in the train whistle – or the stars gazing down on you.
Be still. Surrender the silence to Him, He may just create something marvelous.

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  1. such a peaceful and inspirational article. really helped me to look at the little things in life, and realize how much they really mean.

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