The corridor of life

*Disclaimer: this is from my flawed and earthly perspective*

In life, one usually stops and tries to look backwards in life. They see how the things in the past that they had overcome. Some even try to see how far they have come.


Imagine if you are in a long single colored hallway, with doors lining the walls, and equal lighting. There are no shadows and no fluctuation in light. When you look around, you cannot see the start, and you cannot see the finish. All you can see are the open doors behind you. You cannot go back, but you can see pictures of important memories for as far as you can remember in the rooms behind. You can see how some of the events have shaped you. For a second, you seem to be able to see how far you have come, only to lose it and forget it when you look away. Past that, there is nothing for what seems like forever. Then you look forward. All the doors look the same, but the outcomes are different. What each door will lead to is a mystery. You have no idea how far you have to go. You also have no idea about how far you have come. All you can see is that you are right where you are, which is right there.


Now imagine that you are standing outside the hallway, and you are able to see inside. You are looking at yourself from another view. The only difference is that you can see the beginning of the journey and cannot see all the events or signs. You see how far this person has come already. You see how strong they are and how the events that you know of shaped and influenced them. You already see some of the potential in them, even though they cannot. You can only imagine where they can go from here. You are glad to be a part of this journey.


Imagine that you are now on top of a cliff, looking down on the hallway, and again, able to see inside. You are far enough up that you can see the beginning and the end of the journey. You are also able to see the person who is inside. You see all of the events that have happened and the ones yet to come. You are able to see the many rooms in the house that have not been entered yet. As you see the person continue, they make decisions which cause them to enter more rooms, giving them more and more decisions. They continue exploring the house, missing some opportunities, and gaining others. You can see when they collapse, and you move to them. You embrace them and assure them that they did great. You pick them up and carry them out of the house, and you carry them all the way home. You love them so very much.

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