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What occurs once your senses and direction are damaged temporarily? The constant headaches and pains of life become ones everyday life. In my normal day to day life I comprehend well and have the ability to communicate effectively. But something as simple as a constant headache or infection rob people of their immediate senses; leading off their normal path of life. On the normal path of life people tend to guard their emotions and limit our reactions in a desperate attempt to focus on fitting in. But headaches and negative situations act as hammer breaking down the protective wall, we hold so desperetly. In such occasions people pour their darkest secrets to those around them failing to have the guards standing and protecting them from such incidents. In those moments the people who truly care for you will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, keeping you going and absorbing the force from your “fallout”.

The people who step up and stand with you deserve more than the walls we put up in our everyday lives. False expressions and fake words are used to hide ones true feelings of desperation and hardship. putting the lid on emotions will only bring you so far in life, until eventually you break down either through physical sickness or ultimately damaging your mental health. In those times we need to be willing to look deeper into ourselves and acknowledge the parts we suppress. At the our weakest times we have the decision to either break down and give up or use the darkness to find light.

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