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Chapter By Chapter-A 66 Part Series-Part 1- Genesis

In this 66 part series me and others will be speaking about the bible chapter by chapter. The first book of course is Genesis. Each paragraph will basically summarize each chapter.

Chapter 1: God created the heavens and the earth. He also created everything that breathes and lives. He saw this and was extremely proud.

Chapter 2: Man was next. God sculpted man. God named the man Adam and gave him the garden of Eden. Adam could eat from any of the tress in the garden except the tree of good and evil. Eventually Adam got extremely lonely so God made Adam a mate and named here Eve.

Chapter 3: A serpent named Lucifer found Eve by the tree which man was not supposed to eat. He deceived her to eat from the tree and Adam did the same as well. Well because of this God sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden and forbidden anyone to ever enter again. God also allowed hardships and pain into the world this was called The Fall.

Chapter 4: Many years later Adam and Eve had children. The children’s names were Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel made offerings to the Lord quite often. Abel’s offering was the only accepted because his offering had meaning. Cain killed him because of this. Abel’s blood cried out and Cain was sent away.

Chapter 5: Adam had many other children: Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. Noah’s sons were Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Chapter 6: Many many year late human kind became very evil. God noticed Noah who still had heart to him and told him to build an ark. God then warned him that he was going to flood the earth.

Chapter 7: Noah found two of every animal and his family and brought them in the ark. It then rained for forty days and forty nights.

Chapter 8: Suddenly it stooped raining. Noah then sent out a raven and two doves. One dove came back with a fig branch. When the earth dried God called the animals and Noah out of the ark. In rejoice Noah built an altar.

Chapter 9: A blessing from God fell upon Noah. God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign that he would never flood the earth again. Noah then got drunk and cursed his grandson Canaan.

Chapter 10: Japheth’s line lived in the coastlands; Ham’s included Nimrod and the Canaanites; Shem’s lived in the East. These formed the nations.

Chapter 11: The nations began building a great tower they thought they could reach the heavens. Because of this the lord switch everyones language. Shem also had a son named Abram who the married Sarai.

Chapter 12: God himself told Abramto go leave his land and he will make him a great nation.

Chapter 13: Abram traveled with his nephew Lot. Their servants argued so they decided to go their separate ways.  Abram went to the land the Lord promised him, Canaan and Lot went to Sodom.

Chapter 14: Kings went to war and took Lot captive, Abram saved him. Then  Melchizedek blessed Abram and gave him a tenth of everything he owned.

Chapter 15: The Lord promised Abram many descendants. Abram believed. The Lord then told him that the descendants would be enslaved but would return.

Chapter 16: Sarai did not believe she would have a child so she told Abram to have a child with her servant. The servant had the kid then ran away an angel stopped her and sent her back. The child’s name was Ismael.

Chapter 17: God made a covenant with Abram he then changed his name to Abraham and Sarai changed hers to Sarah. God had promised them a son.

Chapter 18: Sarah had major disbelief that she was going to have a son. God sent three men to tell her she was going to have a son. At the time Sodom was very evil God threatened to Abraham to destroy the city. Abraham pleaded for God not to.

Chapter 19: Angels took Lot and his family out of Sodom. God destroyed it instantly after. Lot’s family was told not to look back Lot’s wife did and she turned into a pillar of salt.

Chapter 20: Abraham continued traveling to God’s land. Abraham was scared that if he showed that he was married to Sarah he would be killed so they pretended they were siblings. A king took Sarah then to be his wife. God sent the king a dream about them being married and he immediately gave Sarah back to Abraham.

Chapter 21: Like God said Sarah and Abraham had a son. They named him Issac.

Chapter 22: God told Abraham to sacrifice Issac. Abraham obeyed. It was a test God stopped him. The Lord then blessed Abraham.

Chapter 23: Sarah died. Abraham himself buried her.

Chapter 24: Abraham’s servant traveled to go find Issac a wife. The servant found a women named Rebecca. Rebecca came back and married Issac.

Chapter 25: Abraham died and was buried with Sarah. Issac and Rebekah then had twins, They named them Jacob and Esau. A few years later Jacob stole Esau’s birthright.

Chapter 26: Issac traveled and did work. The Lord blessed Issac.

Chapter 27: Jacob and his mom tricked Issac into giving him Esau’s blessing. Esau wanted revenge so their mom sent Jacob to her brother Laban.

Chapter 28: On the way Jacob fell asleep and dreamed of a ladder reaching to heaven. The Lord then blessed him.

Chapter 29: Jacob saw a women and found out it was Laban’s daughter. In trade for Rachel Jacob had to work seven years for Laban. After the seven years Laban tricked Jacob and gave him his other daughter instead Leah. Jacob then worked seven more years for Rachel. Leah then had sons.

Chapter 30: Rachel was mad that Leah had had so many sons so Rachel sent her maid to have sons for her. Leah did the same. Rachel eventually had a son. Jacob really wanted to leave Laban but Laban offered up some of his flocks for Jacob to stay and Jacob accepted.

Chapter 31: The Lord commanded Jacob to return home. Jacob took his family and his flocks with him and left in secret from Laban. Rachel as a sign of disrespect took Laban’s idols. Laban came running after them and caught up to them. Laban did not find the idols as Rachel had hid them. Laban and Jacob then made a peace treaty.

Chapter 32: Jacob got news that Esau was looking for him. Jacob being scared sent flocks as a peace offering. That very night a angel wrestled with Jacob. The angel renamed Jacob Israel. Israel means wrestled with God.

Chapter 33: Esau eventually saw Israel. Israel was frightened so he bowed down to Esau. Esau ran to embrace Israel and Esau became emotional.

Chapter 34: A man named Shecam raped Israels daughter, then he asked if he could marry her.

Chapter 35: Israel and his family journeyed on. Rachel died having her second son.

Chapter 36: Esau’s sons were Eliphaz, Reuel, Jeush, Jalam and Korah. Esau and his family moved away to Seir. They became the Edomites.

Chapter 37: Israel had a son his name was Joseph he was the favorite son. He had dreams that he would rule over lands because of this his brothers sold him to Egyptians. Potiphar bought him.

Chapter 38: Judah’s sons Er and Onan died, leaving Tamar a widow. Judah sent her away but she put on a veil and he slept with her. She had twins.

Chapter 39: Potiphar put Joseph as the head servant in his house. Potpihars wife tried to seduce Joseph. His wife then lied about this and Joseph got sent  to prison.

Chapter 40: Pharaoh put his cup bearer and baker in prison. Joseph interpreted their dreams. The cup bearer was restored but the baker was hanged.

Chapter 41: Pharaoh had a dream. He heard that Joseph can interpret dreams. He called for Joseph. Joseph interpreted it and said that there was going to be a famine over all the earth. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of getting Egypt ready for the famine.

Chapter 42: Josephs brothers needed grain during the famine so they traveled to Egypt they then did not recognize Joseph. So as a test to see if they had change he took Simenon captive. The only way the brothers could save him would be to bring their younger brother whom Joseph has not seen yet.

Chapter 43: When the grain ran out, Joseph’s brothers went back to Egypt with Benjamin. Joseph then invited them to his house and gave them a feast.

Chapter 44: Joseph sent his brothers home but he hid his cup in Benjamin’s sack, then sent a steward after his brothers.  Judah offered himself as a slave instead of Benjamin.

Chapter 45: Joseph revealed himself. Josephs brother fetched his father.

Chapter 46: Israel and all his family went to go see Joseph.

Chapter 47: Joseph’s family moved to Egypt.

Chapter 48: Israel became sick so he called for Joseph. He then blessed him.

Chapter 49: Israel died.

Chapter 50: Joseph buried his dad. A few years later Joseph was about to die before he did he said that God would lead his people to the promised land.


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