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Falling for a Decoy

The fall season has arrived. And hunting season has followed it. I have always enjoyed hunting with my family and friends. When we would have family reunions I would hear the stories of the men coming back from their hunting trip. I would hear them talking about a huge animal coming out of the bush to check out the decoys that they have set up.

A decoy is something that looks like the animal that is made up of plastic sometimes or even cloth. The hunter sets the decoy in a specific place so that it will attract animals. When the animal is close enough they kill it. I am telling you this because many people fall for a more powerful decoy, Satan’s decoy. Satan sets up decoys to draw you near so that he can draw you away from your faith. Those decoys may be other people in society that try to lure you away or objects that can turn you away from your faith. I have seen some of these decoys that Satan has set out. And to be honest I have fallen for a decoy and have been driven away from Christ. It took me a long time to get back where I was before. You may not realize that there are many decoys around you, but once you fall for one your eyes widen and you see the world from a whole new perspective .

When you walk down the street you see the decoys more clearly. When someone is lost help them get back on track. Help those who don’t see the decoys that are ahead of them. When you see someone that is a decoy, pray for them and invite them to church.

If you are struggling and being driven away from your faith, let other people help you. I found that when I kept my secret to myself, I acted different and I felt contained. After I got out and started talking to people in my church, and youth groups I felt like I was being released from Satan’s grip. I started acting differently. I got more involved with the community than I ever have. If you get your secrets out there then I guarantee that you will feel better.

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