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Right in front of you

Intangible. unseen. Impalpable. Isn’t it weird that these words are often used to describe God?

Contrary to popular belief, God is not invisible. You’ve probably heard that God (or the holy spirit, which is still Him) resides within us… and that’s true. But we seem to be indifferent, selectively oblivious that forgetting to sit down and listen keeps us from fully experiencing Him in all his beauty.

Just the other day I was was sitting by my window, and I was about to close the blinds when something caught my attention. I looked up to see the moon lighting the night with an enigmatic, almost magic shimmer. It wasn’t covered by a shadow, or transcended by the sun. The stream below it worshiped the evening as it slowly danced to the unearthed rhythms that put the rest of us to sleep. I could see the moving light glide across the water as if it were entranced by the picturesque view. I know I was. So breath taken and awed that I must’ve sat there for an hour. Smiling. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done that… seen that before. The few past days had been hard for me, and when tough times come along, it’s difficult to keep an unwavering faith. Sometimes we need a sign, something¬† to remind us we’re not alone. I needed that. For you it might be something different, like the mountains that outline the sky near Banff or the oceans that sway along those sandy white beaches. It could even be a clear blue sky.¬† But don’t forget to find something each day that reminds you to relax. Take a breath. Smile, and maybe marvel in the beauty God has created. It’s pretty awesome.


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Hey! I'm just a girl who loves puppies, ice cream, and writing. You would most likely find me listening to pitter-patter of rain droplets before a storm. My favorite color is blue, and I love the word 'bubble' because there is no way to say it angry (I've tried). Anyways, thanks for tuning in! This community is awesome, and I'm glad you got a chance to be here today.

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