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The Journey Of Friendship

Friends, in many ways, can be one of the best parts of our day-to-day life. But what happens when you lose that one person you trusted?

What happens when that one person you thought would always be there has taken a stab at your heart?  My mother has always said “friends are for now, but family is forever”. I’ve always been frustrated with that. But why? I want to be tight with my friends forever! And that is a solid statement. Because friends can make your world so much brighter. I would hate to lose my friends. That is completely valid. And I believe that friends are family. Because I know so many people who get all their love and trust from their friends , not their family. But there is a flip side. When your best friend betrays your trust and tells someone something they shouldn’t have. Or even when your friend leaves you for another group and totally isn’t the same person and refuses to acknowledge you anymore.

This can be one of the hardest things one can go through. And sadly, it happens a lot. But when something like this happens you have a choice. You can choose to close the doors and hide. Or you can face it and not let it destroy you. And God understands, it’s the truth. One of Christ’s best friends, a disciple named Judas betrayed him. He agreed to betray him for thirty pieces of silver. And he used a kiss to tell the Romans to come and capture him.

How can we relate?

Well, if your friend betrayed you for something he determines more valuable than your friendship, Like the thirty pieces of silver then that isn’t much different. Christ , after being arrested was crucified. But did He give up? No, he rose from the dead and used the death to give salvation to all of mankind. In the same way you can use that experience to help and shape you to be a stronger person. The choice is yours.

Now, In my life I have had years of being alone. For a long while I didn’t have friends. I was awkward, annoying, emotionally unstable and was bullied a lot. But, the only reason I’m still here is because of my faith. When I had no one I had Jesus. And he gave me hope that things would get better. And they did. When someone would say something really mean It’s not like I just rubbed it off because I had Jesus. Things still phased me, alot.

But I wasn’t completely alone. Jesus was there when no one else was. Now, don’t get me wrong things aren’t perfect right now obviously. Life still throws the same crap. But because of being alone I learned how god was always there. There is a reason for everything. And when your alone , please don’t give up. Let me correct myself “when you’re feeling alone” because you never are truly alone. God is always there for you , even when you don’t feel him. Now I know thats sounds cliche but it’s true. I can tell you first hand that when your alone, go to god. Trust in him.

I’ve started to realize that the reason family is forever is because unless they pass away, you can’t easily get away from them. And that can be a really good thing because when you have no one else you have your family. But who else is your family? Your true father, Jesus Christ. And he really is always there. And you really can’t get rid of him. So, I encourage you when your feeling alone, go to your true father. He loves you, he always will.

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Hi, I'm Justin. I'm just another dude trying to discover gods love in this crazy world. I hope you enjoy my articles. God changed my life, he can change yours. too. Enjoy.

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