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Every Day: The First 9 Words Challenge

Every Day: The 9 Words Challenge

By: Leith DaBeef

Have you ever been like “I should do stuff that honors God today!” and at the end of the day you were like “Dang! Didn’t do anything profitable to God today!”? Well, I have done that too. Way to much. Like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much! All I needed to do was pick up my Bible or not say that mean thing to my sister or ask somebody how they are doing spiritually. But I didn’t. And it never happens. Ever. I think I have the new ultimate 9 Words challenge to fix that!

This challenge will be a week long and anyone can jump in at any time. Starting Sunday, November 12, the whole community will try to do something for God everyday. Whether praying for a few minutes, reading the Bible, or encouraging your friends in their walk with God I challenge you to spend a few days honoring God by doing whatever you think would show him love. The task you choose can be anything you want from not getting angry at people or being obedient towards your teachers. Just as long as it is Biblical and you want to improve your relationship with God. The event will end Sunday, November 19.

I really don’t know if this will work or if anybody is interested in doing this, but if you want to do it with us then at the end of the week (Without bragging!) type what you did and how it helped you grow closer to God. Imagine the good this will do in our communities and for God if even a couple of us do it!

Have any questions? Comment and I will answer.

Let’s Do This Thing!!! -DaBeef

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Hello! I'm Leith DaBeef and I am on this website (Obviously). I enjoy eating whatever I can make without using too much effort and I enjoy writing for you guys! I want my articles to be meaningful and helpful in your walk with God. -DaBeef

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  1. Thanks for this great article Leith!

  2. No Problem! We are all in this challenge together!

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